Sunday 25th January to Monday 26th January Ref: 2015/1

Mid-winter re-positioning cruise for Lady Martina to Brooms at Brundall for annual mechanical service, sea-cock replacement, anti-fouling and the provision of a new canopy from Customcraft. The cruise plan provide Kathleen with experience and  me the opportunity to replace the interior lighting with dimmable LED's as she took the helm.

  • 1-NavigatingBureBridges
  • 2-ApproachingBreydonBridge
  • 3-CrossingBreydonWater

Sunday January 25th was a cold and windy day with clouds threatening, and we already had to stop, moor and drop our mast and canopy at Acle Bridge to get under the 11ft headroom. The weather also made a transit of Great Yarmouth that evening preferable but this involved cruising under the Bure Bridges and across Breydon Water at dusk and mooring up at The Berney Arms in the dark, which was accomplished with the crew getting a bit cold and shaky until sent inside for shelter and warmth! 

The final leg from Berney Arms to Brundall was accomplished with only a small wait for the Reedham Swing Bridge but the overnight downpour and strengthening wind to around 30 knots was best accomplished in the morning on the open River Yare, thus vindicating our passage of Breydon at dusk in the dry the night before. The overnight stay at the very bleak and deserted Berney Arms moorings proved the domestic systems and heating were working well and the new LED interior lighting was effective and efficient. 

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